Electric Diodes

Power Zener Diodes

Our engineers have designed the power Zener diodes with special care so as to reduce the amount of breakdown voltage which goes on flowing otherwise. Mostly used in multiple electrical sub-industries, our Power zener diode is produced in multiple specifications and customization for the benefit of up coming industries.


  • Output current: 3/10/20/50 watts

Electronic Diodes

Isha agency delivers high quality electronic diodes made of a semiconductor base like silicon, germanium, or selenium. These are widely utilized for the purpose of voltage regulation, signal rectification, and signal modulators or demodulators. These diodes are electronic machinery that relay their electric pulse in a mono-directional path, alternating as a one-way valve.


Our product is offered in the following gauges:

  • Electronic diodes
  • Transistors and resistors like regular diodes
  • Fast recovery diodes
  • Bridge diodes
  • Schottky diodes
  • Avalanche diodes
  • Auto diodes

Radio Diode

We are engaged in offering high quality radio diodes for the radio and wireless industry. Our diodes are quality tested for their frequency and usually deliver the promise of noise reduction and power consistency.

Rectifier Diodes

Our lot of rectifier diodes is extremely vigorous in value and is in high stipulation by our global clients. Our rectifier diodes are tested for quality against multiple parameters by the quality team of professionals to deliver the promise of quality that comes with every product from Isha agencies.


  • Output current: 16amp to 450Amp
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